Frank Coenegrachts ( 1969° ) is a artist painter based in Belgium  . His passion for representational art, especially figurative painting shows its unique window to better understand the human condition.  Frank's interest in the human matter leaves a strong imprint on his paintings and searches for both visual as wel as psychological charge in his work. He is looking for a feeling of quietude and intimacy, creating a subtle laden reality.                                                                           

The " Reworks " collections pays tribute to the sometimes forgotten classical portrait painter. After painting the original, he reworks en disintegrates the painting by using a pallet knife and paint drippings. Therefore the battered painting is becoming an abstraction of the original.

Frank Coenegrachts' art education consisted mainly of self-taught by focusing and studying the classical masters' technique as much as possible. His painting style can be characterized as realism with an infusion of abstraction. All of his artworks are painted in oil on canvas. By painting in the allaprima technique ( wet-on-wet ) and with swifly brushwork, the paintings show a more impulsive display.